BIODROGA MD Clear+ System 4-Step Kit - For Dry Skin

Application will reinforce the skins natural ability to heal itself


Impure and pimple prone skin has many causes and is not a question of age or skin type. The best remedy to restore balance and keep sebum under control, is a tailored skin care regime. Will has put together a Daily application will reinforce the skins natural ability to defend and repair itself

  1. Cleansing Fluid
  2. Clarifying Lotion
  3. 24hr Moisturiser Care dry
  4. Resurface Acid Serum for impure skin

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Size 1
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No ordinary skin care brand

Established in the 1940s, the brand name is derived by combining ‘bio’ = biological and ‘droga’ = based on plants. BIODROGA combines sophisticated ingredients with highly efficient high-tech components. Researched, developed and manufactured in its own laboratories in Baden-Baden, Germany.

... philosophy & science of skincare & beauty.