ANTI-AGE Collagen Boost Night Care


Our BIODROGA MD ANTI-AGE Collagen Boost products are based on scientifically proven skin communicating peptides that quite simply tell the skin to behave younger and look better, just like a personal trainer.
They efficiently promote the skin’s natural functions, especially in more mature skin, and combat skin aging symptoms caused by hormonal changes.
What we love about this line is all the ingredients have science to back up our claims. This is not anecdotal evidence or a case of “our studies show”. The science in these products is all independently proven to reverse the effects of ageing.

  • Promotes collagen synthesis and combats collagen breakdown
  • Makes the skin silky smooth
  • Minimizes lines and wrinkles, plumps up the skin as if from the inside
  • Firms the skin and prevents premature loss of elasticity
  • Possesses antioxidative properties
  • Optimizes the skin’s ability to retain moisture and provides it with moisture

Additional information


How to use

Apply to a freshly cleansed skin and massage gently.

Product type

Moisturisers (40yo +)



Skin Concern

Ageing Skin


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