Everything simply must be perfect on the face. We cleanse our skin thoroughly, pamper it with highly effective serums, massage in a special eye cream and use an individual day and night care.

But what good is a radiant complexion if our lips are dry and chapped? Unfortunately, they are anything but seductive. And yet they accompany us all year round: in winter they are caused by the cold or dry heating air, in summer they come from too much sun or not enough hydration.


During the day, lighter textured creams such as our Firming Lip Treatment are perfect under lipstick or a gloss. But your lips need something more whilst you sleep.

The sensational new Overnight Lip Mask from BIODROGA now offers a nourishing and conditioning remedy, so you can wake up to totally kissable lips! 

Shop the BIODROGA SPECIAL CARE Overnight Lip Mask

Wishing you happy and healthy skin.



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