Give the gift anti-ageing care with Novo Peptide3 Technology that firms, lifts and activates skin cell renewal.


The recipe for this cream was specifically formulated to be rich. With the hydro-lipid membrane the transportation of moisture and lipid molecules to the skin is optimized. This guarantees the perfect balance of moisture and lipids within the skin during the cold time of year.⁠


The eye care contains a further ingredient highlight known as the Periorbital Complex. It contains special plant ex- tracts, which are rich in flavanoids and secondary plant sub- stances. It reduces dark eye circles, has a lifting effect on the upper eye lid and tightens small wrinkles.⁠

CLOTHIDE helps prevent the skin's sunstance-loss and loss of skin tension. The skin gets back its glow. ⁠

PENTALACTIN is integrated with receptors which are in charge of skin cell growth and reactivates that growth. An In-Vitro study shows that skin cell growth activation was in- creased by 203% after 3 weeks.⁠

TRIPEPTIDE-5 acts biomimetically - it copies the function of a multifunctional endogenous protein, which activates collagen synthesis.⁠

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