Sometimes nothing feels better than the warmth of sun on our faces and the golden glow it can provide. Unfortunately, there is nothing safe about the sun’s rays. They are both damaging to our skin, causing sunspots and wrinkles, but can also trigger skin cancer.


Sunscreen and self-tanner are the obvious answer to healthy skin. Often however these products are thick and greasy, they clog pores and don't feel nice on the skin. This ultimately means we don't use them.

What is the answer? How do we look good, but keep healthy?

BIODROGA has developed two exciting new products for summer that sit on the skin perfectly. The delicate formulas leave no residue on the skin and are simply beautiful to use.

With wonderful new "reef safe" sunscreens in the Sun Protection Drops and a tanning oil rich in soothing aloe vera. These are summer must haves.


Shop the BIODROGA Sun Protection Drops

Shop the BIODROGA Self-Tanning Drops

Wishing you happy and healthy skin.



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