Check your bathroom vanity to see if you need to have a good chuck out session. One thing to be on the lookout for is skin care and fragrances that have gone bad.

Most skincare has a shelf life of about two years before they are opened and will usually have expiry dates printed on them for after they are opened.

Look for a small jar icon on the bottom or side of the cream. It will then say how many months it is good for. Once it’s been opened. follow this rule. Testing has been done to ensure the freshness and health of the product. After the dates have expired dangerous bacteria might grow. EEEEK!

If it has expired, then dump it and go on a spending spree. It’s always good to try a new regime.

Speaking of new skincare, check out our new best-selling EE creams. They have taken the industry by storm and we are so proud to be one of the first medical skin care lines in the world to launch them.


May 09, 2021

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