As the seasons change, now is the time to start thinking about repairing the skin damage you did whilst frolicking in the surf and sun or carving up the powder on the Alps (my little snow bunnies)!
Sometimes we just need to make it as simple as we possibly can for the boys. They absolutely need the same ingredients that the girls need, possibly even more as we often put our skin through the rigours of shaving and excess sun exposure, whilst the ladies are covering up with tinted coverage.

FABULOUS 50s: I recently did an interview with Schellea Fowler for her Youtube channel about anti-ageing for the mature woman over 50. Whilst there was a focus on mature skin concerns, we chatted about my favourite topic: helping the skin to be HAPPY at any age!

We love body care salt scrubs to keep skin smooth, but most dehydrate the skin. Instead look for scrubs infused with oils, so when you add water it becomes a massage-oil treatment to nourish dry skin, not dry it out.

There are a few ingredients used in skin care that are considered on the absolute all-stars team. At the top of this list is Hyaluronic Acid, or as it’s technically known “Sodium Hyaluronate”. Skin absolutely loves this ingredient because it helps keep it moist and when skin is hydrated it can both repair and protect itself. 

The number one reason people don’t look after their skin is because they believe they “don’t have time”. But skin care doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. Let’s start your morning routine with three easy steps.

DD Creams have been a smash hit because they really are THE perfect skincare all-rounder that can be matched with any skin care program. DD Creams are the exciting and innovative next generation in alphabet skin care. First we had BB Creams for blemished and pimple prone skin.