YouTuber Schellea Fowler from Fabulous 50s

An interview with YouTuber Schellea Fowler from Fabulous 50s

FABULOUS 50s: I recently did an interview with Schellea Fowler for her  Youtube channel about anti-ageing for the mature woman over 50. Whilst there was a focus on mature skin concerns, we chatted about my favourite topic: - helping the skin to be HAPPY at any age! This fabulous lady is such an inspiration to me and I could have talked all afternoon with her. Actually, she couldn’t shut me up and…

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BIODROGA spa treatment

A beautiful at-home BIODROGA spa treatment

We love body care salt scrubs to keep skin smooth, but most dehydrate the skin. Instead look for scrubs infused with oils, so when you add water it becomes a massage-oil treatment to nourish dry skin, not dry it out. We have added lavender and peppermint oil, along with nourishing almond and macadamia nut oil to the BIODROGA BODY SPA Salt Scrub, to give you the yummiest at-home spa treatment. But…

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3 easy steps for beautiful skin using SANS SOUCIS

The number one reason people don’t look after their skin is because they believe, they “don’t have time”. But skin care doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. Let’s start your morning routine with three easy steps.  1. Clean your skin There are lots of options available to you, from milks and fluids, to luxurious cleansing oils. Find one you like, but…

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Sans Soucis Facial Peeling

Your skin needs nutrients to stay looking fresh and happy. We get some of the goodies it needs from our diet, but we also need to supplement with vitamins in skin care. The SANS SOUCIS Daily Vitamins are formulated to do just that; they are like taking a vitamin tablet each day for your skin. Unfortunately, most of the nutrients and precious ingredients in skin care never get down to the deeper…

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The alphabet of beauty

DD Creams are the exciting and innovative next generation in alphabet skin care. First we had BB Creams for blemished and pimple prone skin. Then we saw the launch of CC Creams to correct skin irregularities such as red blotches or tired skin. Both of these types of creams were hugely successful, but there was a need for an alphabet cream designed for everyone. Now we have the SANS SOUCIS DD…

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