The number one reason people don’t look after their skin is because they believe, they “don’t have time”. But skin care doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. Let’s start your morning routine with three easy steps.

 1. Clean your skin

There are lots of options available to you, from milks and fluids, to luxurious cleansing oils. Find one you like, but never, (ever!!) use soap. If you do like that squeaky-clean feeling that soap can give, but want something that doesn’t dry it out, try the SANS SOUCIS Cleansing Foam.

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 2. Feed your skin

You need to feed the skin ingredients to keep it healthy and radiant. A Le Skin Bar hero is the SANS SOUCIS Special Active Face Oil. Packed with precious skin loving oils like evening primrose and vitamins A, C and E; it’s like a big bowl of steamed veggies for your skin.

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3. Protect your skin

Finally, protect your skin from the environment with the great all-rounder, the SANS SOUCIS DD Cream. It’s a moisturiser, sun protection AND a makeup in one. This product is a time-saving Genius!

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